Eighth Race – Heavy Horse


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Eighth Race – Heavy Horse

Purse: $200

Flat race about one half mile on the turf.
For draft or 1/2 draft.
Minimum weight165+ lbs., without lead; overweights allowed.
Riders to be 16 years or older who are approved by
the stewards. Trophy to owner of winner.
Entry fee: $35.00. post entry fee: $45.00.
Approximate post time 2:00 pm

General Conditions

General Conditions:

1. All entries and scratches for sanctioned races (sixth, seventh, ninth, and tenth) are to be made through the NSA office (410) 392-0700. Entries close at 11:00 a.m. Monday, Oct. 4th. Scratches close at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, Oct. 6th.

2. All entries and scratches for unsanctioned races are to be made through the Race Secretary, Martha C. Wadsworth (585) 415-3369. Entries close at Noon Monday, Oct. 4th. Scratches and declarations by 9:00 a.m. Friday, Oct. 8th.

3. Any race that has not been filled by Monday, Oct. 4th will be cancelled. Entered horses are permitted to re-enter, without penalty, any other race on the program for which they are eligible.

4. The Meet shall run under the rules of the NSA.

5. The Pony Races, Junior Race, and other unsanctioned races will be run under the rules of the Genesee Valley Hunt Race Committee.

6. The Committee reserves the right to change, modify, postpone or eliminate any scheduled race, and the decision of the Committee will be final.

7. The Committee reserves the right, and without notice, to refuse any entry.

8. The Genesee Valley Hunt, Inc., its members or officers and/or agents of the owners of the land on which these events are held, individually or severally, will not be responsible for any property damage or personal injury to spectators, owners, riders or their agents, employees or friends, arising out of these events .

9. Waivers must be signed by owners/trainers and riders. The waiver is found with this entry form and also online at www.GVHRaces.com. Payment must be sent with entry or made online by following link at www.GVHRaces.com

10. A horse may start in only one race.

11. The Genesee Valley Hunt and its officials take no cognizance of betting or wagering of any sort.

12. Riders will be required to attest that they have walked the course prior to post time.

13. Objections to the entry of any horse or rider must be lodged with the Racing Secretary before horses leave the paddock for the race.

14. No sex or other allowances may be claimed for any of these races, unless otherwise stated.

15. Supervised schooling over a portion of the course, footing permitting, may be allowed Thursday, Oct. 7th, 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. Call secretary at 585-415-3369 after 10:00 am. Thursday to confirm.

16. Equipment and condition of horses must be approved by the Paddock Judge on race day. A flat saddle is required for all races, except for entries in the Stockhorse Sprint.

17. For all races safety helmet with harness must be worn. For jumping races, safety vests are required.

18. Turnout awards will be given for the best “turned out” horse or pony in the three Junior Races, the Adult Pace Race and the Heavy Horse race. There will be a $100.00 award to the groom of the best “turned out” horse in races 6, 7, 9 and 10.

19. FOR CROSS ENTERING – pay entry fee for each race entered, PLUS an additional $10.00.

20. REMINDER: All riders in unsanctioned races must submit medical insurance information with entry.